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Sweet raw crackers.

Category: Raw Foods

This recipe is suitable for a: vegetarian/vegan/raw diet

Preparation Time: 1200 minutes

Serves: 6



Carrot Pulp

Apple Pulp

Orange Pulp

Pineapple Pulp

Raw Flax Seeds

Raw Almonds (pulps) -leftover from almond milk-

Goji Berries

Purified Water



Equipment required:



Food Processor

Dehydrator (with Te-flex sheets)



1st Juice any fruit you like (or the ones mentioned above) (5 minutes)

2nd Enjoy the juice - it's so healthy for you - Save the pulp!!!! (5 minutes to 2 hours while watching a movie! Enjoy it!)

3rd Ground as much as you can the flax, almond pulp, goji berries and other raw nuts/seeds you like. (5 minutes)

4th Toss all the pulp on a food processor (consider the amount of pulp and the size of your food processor) and mix it until is somewhat a puree (you may need to toss some water, but 2 or 3 oz. No more. (5 minutes x ? - ? = loads)

5th Toss the pulp puree in a bow and mix it with the grounded seeds/nuts and mix it until it's well spread (10 minutes)

6th Toss on the dehydrator. Try to leave around an inch of thickness per Te-flex. If you use the pulp from 4 juices, this can result in 6 trays (9x9 dehydrator) Which are a lot of crackers. (5 minutes)

7th Set up the temperature of the Dehydrator to 105 F. Leave the pulp (10 hours - 600 minutes)

8th Turn over the pulp and once more set up it to 105 F. (8 hours - 480 minutes)

9th Break the crackers in smaller pieces, and for the last time, leave them in the dehydrator at 95 F (2 hours - 120 minutes)

10th Enjoy

Additional comments:


It takes some wait time, but the recipe is really easy to prepare.

Once you have these crackers you can eat them at any moment. These crackers are so yummy and they can be eaten by them selves, but you may like to toss some sweet raw jelly, raw agave nectar or with raw almond butter. Awesome!

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Mine came with a teflex sheet but I prefer the parchment paper. Makes clean-up a lot easier. It's a real pain cleaning that sheet if stuff sticks to it. Those sound like they would be good with raw cream cheese.
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