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The link has a picture of the brownies and my recipe.


I do not have cravings for food anymore but I do enjoy the creative process of bringing my ideas into reality. A brownie has a certain feeling, like a smoothness but with a little give and a jolt of flavor when you bite into it. So how can I recreate that feeling and flavor? I want this example to guide you into creating your own foods and when you make this item you truly will understand how it can be done. So I thought, smooth with a little give, and I need to have that flavor. Sweet potatoes have an excellent natural sweet taste and they are smooth, hence main ingredient. Now for that textured give and the behind-the-scenes ingredient. Raisins work perfectly. By crushing them you help to retain that texture and prevent them from filling back up with juices. With carob and all the other ingredients comes a very healthy brownie, that I consider a meal. Enjoy!
Serving Size: 2 (I would consider this a meal. Yes I do eat brownies for meals!)

1. Gather Ingredients:
⁃ Medium-Large Sweet Potato (Already baked and cooled off)
⁃ Crushed Raisins- 1/2 cup + (Crush them completely)- I use a spoon and then a fork
⁃ Crush Walnuts: 6 Full-sized
⁃ Crushed Pecans: 10 Full-sized
⁃ Crushed Macadamias: 14
⁃ Spices
⁃ Cinnamon- small amount, enough to make it only slightly noticeable if at all- 2tsp
⁃ Ginger- small amount- 1tsp
⁃ Carob: 8 tsp
⁃ Chia Seeds: 4 tsp
⁃ White Quinoa Flour: 1/4 cup
⁃ Natural Maple Syrup- Small Amount- 2tbsp
2. Place raisins in mixing bowl and crush with spoon until they have all leaked their insides.
3. Place peeled sweet potato in with crushed raisins and mix.
4. Add spices, crushed nuts, chia seeds, quinoa flour, and mix.
5. Finally add a natural maple syrup and mix one last time.
6. Have oven on and ready to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
7. Ball the mixture up in your hands and cut it in half with a knife.
8. Shape both into elongated brownies and place on pan.
⁃ I use special pans that do not require oil, so use your own discretion here
9. Place in oven and flip at 25 minutes and remove in another 15 minutes (total 40 min).
10. Let them cool and then enjoy.
11. If saving for later, make sure to refrigerate them.
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