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Inspired by the Underground Clubinos of Italy, Cesarina Jennie Cook is creating a Catered community event, The Sustainable Supper Club. The Dutch is opening its doors on Tuesday nights March 27th, April 24th and May 29th to an exclusive few, for an evening repast of locally grown foods from our own Culver City Farmers Market. Accentuated with lively dialogue, libations and delicious desserts, the spirit of the event is in creating community conviviality. A dedicated omnivore, The Cesarina also hopes to encourage awareness of the benefits of moderation and incorporating locally grown

meals into our daily practices. The meal will be a celebration of all things vegan. Whether youre experimenting for the first time or dedicated to an animal free diet, prepare for a different dining experience at the Club. Community seating will be arranged to encourage discussion and query regarding our food systems, and where we are in the big picture.

The doors will open at six. The meal will be served party style, featuring a bountiful plant based buffet. The evening will include a selection of 4 seasonal offerings and dessert. A gracious amount of warm crusty bread and olive oil will be on every table. Mambo punch and Organic wine will be available for purchase through the honor system.

For more information contact Jennie Cook 310.850.1884.
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