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Survey to Qualify for Interactive Chat/20-20 Research

20/20 Research is currently conducting a survey of women across the country. We are inviting people to participate in an online bulletin board discussion involving some important health issues.

The discussion will take place online in a bulletin board format May 5th thru May 9th

A bulletin board is a new cutting-edge way to conduct market research with busy people like you. The discussion consists of about 15 other participants and a moderator. This forum allows you to log in a couple of times a day at your convenience and take part in the current discussion anonymously. You will also be able to read everything that others have said and respond candidly.

You will need to log in at least once a day for five days, and it will take you about 20 min per day to participate. You can log in from any computer with an internet connection, whether at work,home or elsewhere.

As a token of appreciation for your time and participation, we will send you a check for $75 at the end of the study.

We'd like to ask you to participate in a very brief (5-10 minutes) online survey to see if you qualify for the confidential discussion. Click below to begin the quick survey (or copy this link into your browser)

Thanks!, and we hope to see you online soon!

(No sales or solicitations,ever. Strictly research)


For your information ladies, this survey is asking questions about anxiety disorders,depression,stress. If you qualify they will call you about the study participation.

Good Luck Ladies
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