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While on vacation I visited a family member who'd had his second heart attack, and there's lots of that in my family. I'm dangerously at risk myself, high weight and sedentary. I read a book (Dr Esselstyn's book--vegan) on the beach and after mulling it over for several days decided to try it. I didn't know when I was eating it that a crappy fried dinner would be my last old style meal.

My diet is mostly about my health, but I've been bothered by the mainstream food industry for a while now. Overfishing, industrial meat production (ugh), processed food made with ingredients/additives from unknown overseas factories, etc.

It's pretty strict, but this diet looks extremely successful on paper (kindle). Basically, vegan with no oil, and low or no problem foods like avocados, nuts, olives, seeds. Balance with an emphasis on eating plenty of leafy green and colorful veggies. Multivitamin, B12 supplement, and a bit of flax.

My wife though I was an a hole, because we were in the middle of our vacation, but eating out was ok and this was a trial by fire--if I could do this diet while vacationing I could do it anywhere! I feel great, I miss my comfort foods, but I don't feel tempted to go back. In 3 weeks I've stopped snoring, my clothes fit better, my sense of taste is keener, and my immediate family has been eating healthier too.

I hear that fatty food cravings subside after 3 months, but even now I'm fairly secure. Just feel too good, and the notion of losing weight without counting what I eat is a great side benefit.
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