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Washington Nearly four years after the mistreatment of cows at an Inland slaughterhouse triggered the largest beef recall in history, the U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to weigh in on a controversial California law that arose from the scandal.
The case, set for arguments Nov. 9, pits the meat industry against animal protection groups, and the state against the federal government.
At issue is whether California has the authority to ban the slaughter of animals too sick or hurt to stand.
It's ridiculous that this is the subject of such furious debate. Here's the Animal Legal Defense Fund's take on it:

Listen to factory farmers defend themselves and you would think they see the animals they raise and kill as their beloved family pets. They will talk about humane handling standards, responsible husbandry, and even how much they love the animals they are fattening and killing. But if you want to know how factory farmers really see animals you need to look at their actions and not their words. Right now the National Meat Association, a mouthpiece for factory farmers across the country, is asking the Supreme Court to strike down a California law that requires exactly the sort of basic humane treatment for farmed animals that factory farmers claim to want. The law bans the sale, transport, or purchase of sick and disabled downer animals who are so weak they are unable to walk. The law was passed in the wake of investigations by the Humane Society of the United States documenting downed animals being dragged, shocked, bulldozed, rammed, and hosed to force them through the slaughter process.

The National Meat Association "animal lovers" that they are want the law struck down.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has intervened in the case, NMA v. Harris, now before the Supreme Court, to stand alongside California and defend its law. At issue is whether federal law, which favors the factory farmers, trumps or preempts Californias law. One can wonder why the Obama administration is so beholden to the factory farm lobby that it is willing to get behind the abuse of sick and downed animals. Regardless, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is opposing the National Meat Association before the Court, and arguing that the state law should be upheld. The Court will soon hear arguments in the case, which could have a major impact on the suffering of millions of animals and on animal law more generally.

A law that bans the sale, transport, or purchase of sick and disabled downer animals -- living, feeling beings -- who are so weak they are unable to walk, is the bare minimum we can do to be humane. Factory farmers oppose it, and they are willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to protect their profits. Think factory farmers love animals? Then why are they fighting to force even sick and disabled animals animals too weak even to stand to slaughter? The obvious truth is that they love the money these animals represent, and it is time they simply admitted as much.
When you're defending your 'right' to bulldoze or shock dying animals it might be time to take a long hard look at yourself...
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