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Hey everyone,

I have been trying to get people to support this bill for a while now. It's for Ontarians in Canada right now, but it could set precedence for other parts of Canada and worldwide if it passes. It's a bill to impose much stricter laws regarding the welfare of animals in roadside zoos. I for one am totally against any form of roadside zoo, and even the bigger zoos I find to be a bit sketchy. Not only will this bill benefit zoos in Ontario, but it may lead to the closure of may zoos across the country if the zoos refuse to comply. The animals, to my knowledge, are usually cared for by Humane Societies and other fostering places built to take in such exotics, then they're either released or they're put into a facility where they're cared for.

I have already received an email from a high ranking politician giving his support, and hope that you do the same. Check out the WSPA website for more info if you want to get involved. You could even start a campaign in your province/country too. All you have to do is get the word out, and the best way to do that is through blogs, email, and even putting up posters at your local schools and downtown areas.

Here are some websites to check out for more info (or just reply to this with your question and I'll try to answer it): (it's right on the front page, beside the pic of the cute baboon; while you're on this site, you should sign the "Animals Matter to Me" petition)

If you want more sites to check out, gimme a shout and I can post more!

Thanks for your help,

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