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My boys have gone to the same summer camp 5 years in a row...

It is located in Cincinnati, OH. We live near Las Cruses, NM.

So, they have always flown...

This year because my little girl will be going for the first time as well, I am going to drive them and stay at a hotel near the camp so I won't be so far away from her...

It is about a 30 hour drive, which I plan to break up over 3 days.

We will be going through these towns:

Amarillo TX, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, SpringField, ST. Louis and

Indianappolis. We will have as much time as we like on the return trip...anything worth stopping for?

Also, I will have 6 days in Cinncinatti with my 6 year old...

I've never been.

So, any info appreciated greatly!

We leave Thursday morning!
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