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As I just posted in my introduction thread, I am not a vegetarian, though my girlfriend of over 3 1/2 years has recently made the switch. Though I currently have no intention (I'm not close minded, I'm willing to make changes, it is not outside of the realm of possibility that I might choose to make the switch to, I just doubt it) of switching, I want to try to figure out what I will have to do with the complications that arise out of a relationship between those with mixed beliefs regarding food. Now I just have to sort my thoughts and concerns out into something that makes sense.

Well, I guess one of my problems comes from how I love cooking and trying new things. I do look forward to trying out vegetarain recipes as an addition to my repertoire. Though I will be continuing to cook non-vegetarian dishes and I've always loved ebing able to cook new and exciting meals for her. That is even one of the things she has said that she loves the most about me. How I've introduced her to these new things, new experiences, and especailly new foods. Most of her current favorite foods are all things that I've introduced to her. It does depress me to think that this passion that I have had and that we have shared for so long is something that is going to be have to limited so. I'm not sure how to deal with that. How do other couples and families do it? I mean I can't expect to find someone who can find a perfect solution for me when I can't expect others to be as passionate about food, cooking, and taste. I start thinking (as a joke of course) that I'm gonna have to have an affair where I'm just cooking for another woman!

Also, I obviously want to be supportive despite my desire to want to share my non-vegetarian dishes with her. We both understand and agree that this is her thing. That if she wants to eat vegetarian food, aside from the occassional dish that I make that happens to be vegetarian, that she has to fend for herself. I'm on a very stretched budget and I can't be expected to buy extra special food just to fit her vegetarian needs and when I cook, I'm not going to also cook a special meal just for her. Problem is she's not experienced in cooking and the only "money" she has is her credit card that her mom pays for. I know I can help teach her how to cook but aside from that, what else I can think of is going into that area of me being forced to change the way I want to live.

I also worry about the possible friction that could come from this change of lifestyle. I mean right now, she's ok with my eating meat and her having to take care of things herself. But later on as she possibly becomes more submerged in this culture that she is disgusted that I still eat meat and tries to push me to change.

So please, I'd appreciate some suggestions from those experienced in these type of mixed relationships.
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