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What you will need :

Large peppers ( The more colors, the better the presentation, I went with red)





Greens ( basil, dill...whatever pleases you )




Sour cream



Some garlic wouldnt hurt

Salt, pepper and spices of your choice ( I enjoy some curry )

Cook your rice til it is tender, it can be left slightly under cooked.

Start sauteeing onions, finely chopped. Add your spices, a little salt. Once they get a nice golden color, add your cubed tofu. ( I prefer tofu barely thawed, pressed so the water comes out as much as possible, it leaves it a chewier consistency). The flavours start to mix together, add a little garlic, save a little for later. Add some tomatoe to the pan. Let it all cook, and the flavors marinate. Add rice , mix together and set aside.

Cut the tops of your peppers off, take out all the seeds ( they're bitter ) Boil some water and toss them in, this will make your pappers nice and soft and prevent them from cracking and breaking once stuffed. It takes about two minutes. Drain the water, take them out. Stuff the peppers with your mix, fill them to the top, dont be afriad to over stuff them. If you have some stuffing left, you can use it as a garnish, or a side. Put the stuffed peppers in a large pot. I like to put them side up, so most of the stuffing stays in.

Heat up a pan, add a little butter. add a few scoops of sour cream followed by water. Keep it a little creamy consistency. Now here comes the tricky part. Fill a bowl with some water, and add a little flour, mix out all the chunks. Take the pan off the heat, or turn it down. As you are stirring the sauce, slowly add the water/flower, this will thicken up your sauce. If your heat is on too high, you will cook the flour and have these chunks which are not so tasty. So add slowly and stir well! Add some ketchup, this gives it a great flavor. Taste it to your preference. Pour this sauce over the stuffed peppers, enough to just about cover them. The sauce will most likely become thicker, so keep some water handy.

The trick to these peppers is to let them sit after cooking. After they sit in the fridge for a day, they become so flavorful, incredibly so. I think this food would be perfect for dinner parties, but since im only 19, thats a little out of my league lol. Eee ree kee kee kee

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I would just add one cooking suggestion. When making the sauce, I would suggest that you try starting with butter and adding the flour directly to it to make a roux. This is a time-honored method of making sauces that is commonly used in both classical French cooking and Cajun/Creole cooking. It's a good technique for any cook to know. It is easier to get the lumps out, it cooks the flour just enough to get the raw floury taste out of it, and improves the ability of the flour particles to thicken the sauce. Once you've made the roux, you can add the sour cream and ketchup and thin as needed with water or other liquid.

More links on how to make a roux:
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