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Scientists at Cambridge University have found that when it comes to brainpower, theyre the equal of rodents, monkeys and, in some tests, even humans. Apparently, they possess an advanced capacity for learning and can map out their surroundings mentally.

According to the head of the study neuroscientist Professor Jenny Morton sheep can perform cognitive tasks that no other large animals can manage apart from monkeys.

Professor Morton used differently coloured buckets to see how long it would take a flock of Welsh mountain sheep to work out that they could find food in the same coloured bucket each time. The sheep learned this in the same amount of time it would take monkeys or even humans to do comparable tests.

In more difficult tests, coloured shapes were used to indicate the presence of food. While the sheep took 32 attempts to understand the new rules, they did master the task unlike animals such as mice and rats, which cannot perform such feats of memory.
Neat! This is not surprising.
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