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storing nutrients

994 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  SugarBlue27 confused. does your body store most nutrients or get rid of excess? i thought it was the latter, but then...things like (and meat is a bad example but it springs to mind) red meat they 'recommend' (pfft. ) twice a week ..which means the things coming out of it must be stored for the rest of the week, y'know? which means...if you vary up your dinners're getting a range of things across the week..and thats good? or is it more need x amount of everything every day ?

does that make sense
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hi taurushead, I think i get where your coming from! It depends what nutrient youre talking about cos different nutrients can be stored for different amounts of time. For example the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) can be stored for quite a long period of time whilst the water soluble vitamins arent stored in the body efficiently, and any excess amounts consumed are excreted. Thats why toxicity is more of a problem with the fat soluble vitamins and deficiency occurs more quickly with water soluble vitamins if they arent consumed in adequate amounts. But having said that, if you dont consume a certain vitamin every day you wont become deficient immediately! Was there any nutrient in particular that you are concerned about? I hope what i said makes sense!
thats exactly what i meant

and yeah , nothing specific, just stuff like zinc etc etc. i guess. thanks so much for your help! solved a bit of a mystery there.
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As long as you are eating a wide variety of nutritous foods you have nothing to worry about. You definately dont have to eat the same thing every day or measure the exact amount of nutrients you are consuming to make sure that youre getting enough. The body regulates nutrient and enery intake over time, not on a daily basis! So you should be fine
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what are the water soluble vitamins? SO these would be the ones to try and get daily?
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