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I know a lot of Vegans are against animal ownership. Barring the extermination of quite a lot of dogs, the facts remain that dogs are bred to be dependent on human beings for nearly everything, Recently a friend of mine lost some show dogs. I am asking you to take a look and please contact the people in the post if you see some of these dogs "magically appear" in your area. I have posted in the North Carolina thread (where the theft took place). I appeal to those in the NC area to keep your eyes open for these dogs. They are little, and there is a pregnant chihuahua involved.

here is the post:

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 16:27:33 -0500

From: "dreamkatcherspoms"

To: "dreamkatcherspoms"

Subject: Fw: Stolen show dogs!!!!

Please forward

I need everyone's help and prayers today. Yesterday on the way to a show in Greensboro, NC my handler stopped at a rest stop and took a Golden puppy out for a walk in the dog area behind the building. When he came back a window had been broken and the other 7 dogs he had with him were taken. 3 were mine and I am devastated for myself, 1 other client and my handler as 3 were also his. There were 3 Maltese. My 1 year old female Nikki, my 7 month old male (that I co own with my handler ) Geno and 8 month old male Peanut. Both boys were wrapped. Also in the van was my 1 year old Pom Magic. He is 3 1/2 to 4# is an orange sable with a lot of black, very dark. The other 3 were Chihuahuas. All 3 are smooth coats 2 are fawn. One of the fawns is the dam of a number of champions and is subject to seizures if she becomes stressed. She is bred and will require a c section. Her name is Ellie and she is very quiet and sweet. 1 has unusual coloring. She is a silver color with black sabling. She has a black saddle and a silver blaze. She is microchipped her # is Avid 095812321. Please post and cross post this anywhere and everywhere you can think of and please pray for their safe return.

Thank You, Darlene

You can contact me at this email address or on my cell phone 678-471-6912 and you can contact my handler Rob Storey at [email protected] or 865-621-4424 .

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