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This is the information for where to write your letters on the case I have detailed on my site and in the statement at this link:

The Honorable Tim Williamson, Prosecuting Attorney

Polk County Prosecutor's Office

P.O. Drawer 109, 600 Port Arthur St.

Mena, AR 71953


479-394-6173 (fax)

[email protected]

I wrote an eyewitness account of horrifying incidents that occurred on a routine basis, often involving plant management, including conscious birds who were intentionally scalded in the scald tank to facilitate feather removal, blown apart by dry-ice bombs, and manually ripped apart and stomped on as well as having their legs broken in order to fit them into shackles that were too small. They turned down the stunner to save electricity, and more.

There are cruelty cases pending in court now and the prosecutor is trying to make up his mind whether or not to prosecute. As Tyson supplements the budget of the Polk County Sheriff's office and lets them use a building for a substation acorss the street from the plant in Grannis, they are dragging their feet on pressing this case. We are really needing some last-minute pressure to make this happen. This "investigation" has gone on for months with no real progress that I found evidence of. Friends that still work at the plant say they have not even been interviewed, despite their wish to cooperate.

If you have never written a letter before, this is the time to start. Truly, this case could be precedent-setting if we can get it in court. Thanks for your efforts. I will be glad to answer any questions anyone has. And, of course, more of the story about what really happens down at Tyson is on my site and updated every day.


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Cyberactivist, would it be possible for you to provide a few sample letter formats? I think they would be helpful for people who don't have much experience in writing formal letters.

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Originally Posted by RGR View Post

Cyberactivist, would it be possible for you to provide a few sample letter formats? I think they would be helpful for people who don't have much experience in writing formal letters.
The following is a sample letter located here, but I added the email address:


The Honorable Tim Williamson

Prosecuting Attorney

Polk County Prosecutor's Office

PO Box 109

600 Port Arthur Street

Mena, AR 71953

Ph: 479-394-6114

Fax: 479-394-6173

[email protected]

SAMPLE LETTER: Remember to include your name and address and PLEASE

CHANGE some of the words, especially in the subject line and first

sentence. If you do not wish to include the longer attachment from

police case files, be sure to delete paragraph 3 from the sample


RE: Request you aggressively investigate, and if the evidence

warrants it, prosecute any Tyson employees who participated in animal

cruelty at Tyson's chicken slaughterhouse

Honorable Sir:

A former employee of a Tyson chicken slaughterhouse in Grannis, Ark.

has come forward with allegations of horrific, routine animal cruelty

by Tyson employees. According to the statements made by Virgil

Butler, a five-year employee at the Tyson slaughterhouse, named

employees routinely tortured birds to death. In some instances, birds

were blown apart by dry-ice bombs, were intentionally scalded to

death, were chased down and run over with a forklift, or had their

legs broken in order to fit them into shackles that were too small.

Butler also cites one employee who reportedly would "rip the heads,

legs, and wings off live chickens, or just stomp them to death on the

floor because he was aggravated." According to Mr. Butler, "[t]hese

kinds of incidents sometimes led to hours of suffering for chickens

with broken legs and wings and were ongoing and repetitive--just a

part of a regular night's work."

Mental health professionals and top law-enforcement officials

consider cruelty to animals a precursor to violent crimes against

humans. The American Psychiatric Association identifies animal

cruelty as one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct disorders, and

the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uses reports of animal

cruelty in analyzing the threat potential of suspected and known

criminals. Experts agree that it is the severity of the behavior -

not the species of victim - that must be taken into account.

As the trail of sad examples below shows, and recent violence across

our country attest to; it is time to send a clear message to people

capable of intentionally inflicting serious injury or death to

helpless animals, that such brutal and senseless crimes will not be

tolerated and there are guaranteed consequences for those who would

show such disdain for the law.

I ask you to aggressively investigate, and if the evidence warrants

it, prosecute any Tyson employees who participated in animal cruelty

at Tyson's chicken slaughterhouse.




Russell Weston Jr., tortured and killed 12 cats: burned and cut off

their tails, paws, ears; poured toxic chemicals in their eyes to

blind them; forced them to ingest poison, hung them from trees (the

noose loose enough to create a slow and painful death.) Later killed

2 officers at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.

Jeffery Dahmer staked cats to trees and decapitated dogs. Later he

dissected boys, and kept their body parts in the refrigerator.

Murdered 17 men.

Kip Kinkle shot 25 classmates and killed several in Springfield,

Oregon. He killed his father and mother. Said he blew up a cow once.

Set a live cat on fire and dragged the innocent creature through the

main street of town. Classmates rated him as "Most Likely to Start

World War 3."

As a boy, Albert De Salvo, the "Boston Strangler," placed a dog and

cat in a crate with a partition between them. After starving the

animals for days, he removed the partition to watch them kill each

other. He raped and killed 13 women by strangulation. He often posed

bodies in a shocking manner after their murders.

Richard Allen Davis set numerous cats on fire. He killed all of Polly

Klaus' animals before abducting and murdering Polly Klaus, aged 12,

from her bedroom.

11-year-old Andrew Golden and 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson tortured

and killed dogs. On March 24, 1998, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Golden

and Johnson shot and killed 4 students and 1 teacher during a fire

drill at their school.

After 16-year-old Luke Woodham mortally stabbed his mother, killed 2

classmates and shot 7 others, he confessed to bludgeoning his dog

Sparkle with baseball bats and pouring liquid fuel down her throat

and to set fire to her neck. "I made my first kill today," he wrote

in his court-subpoenaed journal. "It was a loved one...I¹ll never

forget the howl she made. It sounded almost human." In June 1998,

Woodham was found guilty of 3 murders and 7 counts of aggravated

assault. He was sentenced to 3 life sentences and an additional 20

years for each assault.

Theodore Robert Bundy, executed in 1989 for at least 50 murders, was

forced to witness a grandfather who tortured animals. Bundy later

heaped graves with animal bones.

At 4-years-old, Michael Cartier dislocated the legs of rabbits and

hurled a kitten through a closed window. He later shot Kristin

Lardner 3 times in the head, before shooting himself.

Henry Lee Lucas killed numerous animals and had sex with their

corpses. He killed his mother, common law wife, and an unknown number

of people.

Edward Kemperer cut up 2 cats. He later killed his grandparents,

mother and 7 other women.

Richard Speck threw a bird into a ventilator fan. Killed 8 women.

Randy Roth taped a cat to a car's engine and used an industrial

sander on a frog. Killed 2 of his wives and attempted to kill a


David Richard Davis shot and killed 2 healthy ponies, threw a wine

bottle at a pair of kittens and hunted with illegal methods. Murdered

his wife, Shannon Mohr Davis, for insurance money.

Peter Kurten, the Dusseldorf Monster, tortured dogs, and practiced

bestiality while killing animals. He went on to murder or attempt to

murder over 50 men, women and children.

Richard Trenton Chase, "The Vampire Killer of Sacramento," bit the

heads off birds, drained animals for their blood, killed animals for

their organs, and later killed 6 people in random attacks. One police

officer present at the scene of the first murder, confessed to having

nightmares about the crime for months afterwards.

"The Kobe Killer,² an as yet unnamed 15-year-old boy in Japan,

beheaded a cat and strangled several pigeons. Decapitated 11-year-old

Jun Hase, and battered to death a 10-year-old girl with a hammer, and

assaulted 3 other children in separate attacks.

Richard William Leonard's grandmother forced him to kill and mutilate

cats and kittens when he was a child. He later killed Stephen Dempsey

with a bow and arrow. He also killed Ezzedine Bahmad by slashing his


Tom Dillion murdered people's pets. He shot and killed Jamie Paxton,

aged 21; Claude Hawkins, aged 49; Donald Welling, aged 35; Kevin

Loring, aged 30; and Gary Bradely, aged 44.

At 9-years-old, Eric Smith strangled a neighbor's cat. At 13, he

bludgeoned 4-year-old Derrick Robie to death. Smith lured the little

boy into the woods, choked him, sodomized him with a stick, then beat

him to death with a rock.

David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam," poisoned his mother's parakeet out of

jealousy. He later shot 13 young men and women. 6 people died and at

least 2 suffered permanent disabilities.

Arthur Shawcross repeatedly threw a kitten into a lake until the

kitten drowned from exhaustion. Killed a young girl. After serving 15-

1/2 years in prison, he killed 11 more women.

Michael Perry decapitated a neighbor's dog. Later killed his parents,

infant nephew and 2 neighbors.

Jason Massey¹s killing resume began with cats and dogs; at 20 he

decapitated and disemboweled a 13-year-old girl and fatally shot a 14-

year old boy. He claims to have killed 37 cats, 29 dogs and 6 cows.

Patrick Sherrill stole neighborhood pets, tethered them with baling

wire and encouraged his dog to mutilate them. He killed 14 co-workers

and himself in 1986.

Keith Hunter Jesperson, "Happy Face Killer," bashed gopher heads and

beat, strangled and shot stray cats and dogs. He is known to have

strangled 8 women. He said: "You're actually squeezing the life out

of these animals...Choking a human being or a cat--it's the same

feeling...I'm the very end result of what happens when somebody kills

an animal at an early age."

Carroll Edward Cole, executed in 1985 for an alleged 35 murders and

reputed to be one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S.

history, confessed that his first act of violence was to strangle a

puppy under the porch of his house.

Robert Alton Harris murdered two 16-year-old boys, doused a neighbor

with lighter fluid and tossed matches at him. His initial run-in with

police was for killing neighborhood cats.

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Originally Posted by Flower View Post

Done! I'll let you know if I get a response.
I really appreciate it. We really need all the letters we can get. Every single one makes a difference. They are trying hard to let it all blow over so they don't have to do anything about this. It's hard to make them go after a company that contributes so much to their budget and salaries.

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This is the letter I wrote. I figured that everyone had taken a legalistic approach or had outlined the types of abuses that have occured so I decided to take a different approach. I wanted to touch on the ethical side of the issue and try to create a bit of understanding as to why action on this issue is important. The idea is that if a situation is critiqued from numerous angles it becomes harder to refuse what people are asking for.

Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't, truth be told I don't know. At any rate if you want to use the letter I wrote it can be found below.

Your Name, Address and Date

The Honorable Tim Wilson,

To begin, thank you for your time in reading this letter. I would like to comment on the abuse and utter negligence that takes place at the Tyson Foods slaughterhouse located in your area. The charges and accusations are well known by now so I do not wish to repeat those facts of which you are aware. The purpose of this letter is not to highlight such abuses, but to comment on how such treatment undermines the will of most Americans and urge you to pursue legal action against this company.

Chickens are complex creatures and are possessive of an intelligence level beyond that of a small human child. For instance, chickens are cognizant of the fact that physical objects removed from sight still exist. This seems as if it is a rudimentary skill, yet human children are unable to comprehend this principle until later in their development. It may then be that chickens can develop apprehension about their death; something that, during their slaughter, should not be taken lightly.

As you also know chickens feel pain. This sensory perception has prompted welfare standards for the handling of these birds so they will not be ill treated. Welfare standards serve as humanitys one assurance that these beautiful and intelligent beings are treated with as much respect as is possible before they are slaughtered.

Because of the abuses that have occurred, and likely still endure, at the Tysons plant it is apparent that this facility and its employees lack the desire to act humanely towards other beings and deserve legal castigation in order to get this point across.

Humanitys concerns must be reinforced through legal channels else it will fail to affect real change. I urge you to prosecute those who would trample on societys wishes concerning the welfare of animals. I have no doubt that such a facility generates a substantial amount of income and economic relief for the residents of the immediate area. However, I would hope that even with this in mind an example could be set proclaiming that regardless of how much an asset a particular company has shown itself to be, it cannot run counter to and plow asunder the humanitarian concerns not only of the people of Arkansas, but of the United States of America and expect its conduct to go unchecked.

I respectfully thank you for your time and greatly anticipate your action in these matters,

Your Name Typed and Signiture Here

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Originally Posted by Tame View Post

Any judge who lets his/her decisions be influenced by letters from the public should be disbarred.
We are writing to the prosecutor, who is trying to decide whether or not to bring formal charges in this case. There was not a very good investigation. The sheriff dragged his feet and now the proseutor is doing the same. Have you not followed this thread? Tyson owns that town.
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