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I'm not sure how many of you have tried the Amy's Burritos. Some are vegan, all are vegetarian. I just moved to Arizona and we have these places called Sprouts Farmers Market, which are like health food stores but they have a massive produce department! Anyway, I got a notice in the mail listing all their latest deals and savings and the Amy's Burritos (all varieties) are 2 for $3!

Normally, when I used to live in New York, they were over $3 a piece anyway, if not closer to $4! So just to double check, I went on amazon and searched around and they were still over $3 per burrito, even including the bulk boxes! So if you've got a Sprouts nearby and like the burritos, it's time to stock up!
I got 13 of them for under $20! Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up
Sale ends Wednesday (the 27th)

The sales may vary by store. I'm not sure of that or not. But if you don't have one of their fliers to show you what deals they've got, I believe their website can let you see what your local Sprouts deals are for the current week.
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