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Perhaps you mean "Hispanic"-- sounds a lot like "Spanish."

Being a blond-haired- blue-eyed person of European ancestry who comes from Spain-- and who dosen't know very much Spanish, it becomes fairly relitive, dosent it? I've always checked off "white" on all my applications-- whatever that means. Spanish from Spain mainly means European, and is nearly the same as English, French, or German.

I lived in New Mexico for many years. There, traditional neighborhoods are based on the proximity of family members. This is so all family members can help each other. There are still streets there that are predominately one family or another. Sometimes you get large enough areas where many neighborhoods are and you get a "district."

In New York in the last century, the Irish, the Italian and so on, had similar little enclaves where they all lived, went to church, shopped and so on. Their families sent money to the old country, some family member would take the boat, they'd help set them up, and then pool their money to bring someone else over.

I guess that's why these things happen. And of course there is "mixing" of different races in an area-- anyone can live anywhere they want.

As for cutting sweet potatos? I will have to go off to the local "Spanish" area and see if they do that. I would think it would be somewhat wasteful-- However you Have made me mighty hungry for sweet potatos-- think I will toddle off and get me some.
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