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i've never seen or heard of them before, but i googled, and i found Fearn Soya Granules- which look very interesting. from the pages containing them, they seem to be a cross between tsp (textured soy protein) and chopped nuts- texture and useage wise. it seems you can put them in all kinds of things, from baked goods (in which they'll add a soft chewy fibrous quality) to cookies (in which they'll act like chopped nuts). i'd be inclined to give them a try, if they aren't too expensive or if you can buy a small jar, cos you could probably put them in loads of stuff from cookies and muffins (as mentioned) or nutloafs and chill and soup etc.

i wonder if they are just textured soya protein, repackaged, or something similar made by a different process. i couldn't find a Fearn company website for more info, but then, i just had a quick look.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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