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on the soy yogurt thread below.. someone mentioned the idea of making one's own soy yoghurt. this sounds interesting and i would like to try it. does anyone know of any websites or recipies for doing this? any personal experiences?

thanks so much

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when i was a kid, my parents would make yogourt by addind a tbsp (of the kind that you buy at the store) to normal milk and just leaving it there for a couple of days. maybe it'll work the same with soy milk.. buy some soy yogourt, add it to the milk, and let it rot. haha (i don't like yogourt)

so you only need to buy it once, because you can use the yogourt you make to make more if it. it's kinda like making sourdough.

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The Indian cookbook I have says something like that Epienphrine.

This recipe is for dairy, but it may work...

From: Indian Vegetarian Cooking

By: Michael Pandya

Gharelu Dahi (Homemade Yogurt)

Makes: 2 1/2 cups

3 3/4 cups half and half or milk

3 TBSP plain yogurt

1. Boil the creamy milk (half and half) once. Alternatively, thicken ordinary milk by boiling 4 or 5 times.

2. Remove the pan from the heat, and let the milk cool a few minutes so that it is warm but not hot. If milk is too hot, dahi will not set properly.

3. Beat the yogurt into milk. Then take another pan and pour the milk from one to the other, several times, in quick succession.

4. Transfer milk to a bowl, wrap with a warm cloth, and allow to set in a warm place.

5. Normally the setting with take about 24 hours; if the house is heated, the dahi might set in around 10 hours. In hot weather and if the bowl is placed in a cupboard the dahi could set with 5 hours.

6. When set use the yogurt as needed.

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I have been making (milk) yogurt for the past years, my recipe is a lot easier, and I think it should work with soymilk, because German health stores sell starter cultures (in powder form) that work with any animal milk as well as soymilk.

OK, this recipe is with MILKand I hope you understand the metric system, if not, let me know and I'll look the measurements up for you.


you need:

- 1 litre of milk

- 150-200 g plain yogurt (*)

(with the same amount of fat as the milk you use)

- yogurt maker

OR: some way to keep the yogurt warm at 40-45 Celsius

Warm up milk to 40-45 C, mix yogurt (*) with milk, keep it warm for at least 7 hours. Let it cool in the fridge. DONE!

(*) OR: a packet of starter cultures


A yogurt maker keeps the milk warm, but some people use a thermos, a tupper salad bowl (no clue what that reallly is, but I heard that it works), or put the container(s) with the milk into a bigger pot filled with hot water. It does not matter WHAT you use, as long as the temperature is not higher than 45C and not lower than 37C.

I usually make the yogurt at night, so I have fresh yogurt in the morning. You can add sweetener or sugar to the milk, and flavouring (vanilla is my favourite). Fruit, nuts, honey can be added AFTER the yogurt is done.

And here is what a yogurt maker looks like and more instructions on how to make yogurt... for non-metric people.

PS: Do NOT move the container that your milk and yogurt starters are in after you mix them together for a few hours, otherwise it will never become solid!

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I make my own plain soya yoghurt a lot. I use yoghurt in so many recipes I have to have loads of it in the fridge.

I bought a machine from Lakeland, mailorder, it was less than £20, it makes it really easy and no mess. It's basically just a heated two pint jug plugged into the electric.

I put in a cup of shop soy yoghurt, or sometimes my own, top it up with soya milk and it's there in the morning...

In the past I've made it by heating up soya milk to a warm temperature, mixing it with soy yog and placing it in a warm cupboard. Only once I forgot it and it was a very very bad thing[red] by the time I traced where the pong was coming from.

I strain some of my yog and make cream cheese with it- yummy.
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