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Soy Products & "Fake Meats"

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Hi Everyone!

So I recently have begun the transition of removing meat from my diet. Because I am not exactly sure how to replace my protein, I have been eating quite a few soy products such as veggie burgers and tofu. However I started having an insane amount of nausea and diarrhea!

When somebody mentioned to me that soy can be a major GI tract irritant (it's majoring modified), I stopped eating it completely to see how my body would react. Just as predicted - the issues seemed to go away.

Has anybody else had this issue? If so how have you learned to deal with it? Will organic soy products alleviate the effects?

Thanks so much in advance!
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When it comes to tofu, soy milk, edaname, or tempeh, there are few that are GMO. It's the processed soy additives that are in most processed packaged food that are GMO.
When they say the majority of soy is gmo it's the soy feed to feed lot animals and pet foods, as well as the fillers

Soy isn't tolerated by some people, but some can still eat tempeh, as it's fermented.

I'd suggest watching the forms you eat. BTW, all organic is non-gmo, but non-gmo isn't necessarily organic

There are many here who avoid soy. It takes some time to learn how to navigate without meat, but very very worth it.
I can't go on right now, but I think I;'ll start a easy veg foods thread tonight
Congratulations on making the decision to remove meat from your diet! :)

Without knowing your complete health workup, I can only suggest a few things, from my own experience. Firstly, anytime you make a major dietary change, it's going to affect your digestion. You may experience some extra gas and bloating, and some other unsavoury effects LOL. Because you are probably consuming more fiber than you were accustomed to before, you want to make sure you are drinking lots of water, and maybe lightly steam or cook your veggies for the first while to make them easier to digest. Soak your beans before cooking (or try lentils instead), and choose non-GMO organic tofu. Try tempeh!! It's fermented and so much easier to digest. Processed faux meat is a really great thing for transitioning but if it makes your tummy upset, then maybe only have it once in awhile.

The good news is, unless you have an actual food allergy, the digestive discomfort will subside after awhile as your body adjusts, and if you enjoy cooking you might find (I did!) that your meals, no longer needing to be meat-centric, are now much more varied and exciting. Explore new recipes, try new foods, and enjoy the wide variety of delicious dishes available to you now that you are free of meat ^_^
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Eating soy makes a vegetarian easier diet, but it's not necessary in a vegetarian diet. Experiment with other types of soy or other legumes (lentils, peas, beans) instead. A vegetarian diet does not have to have soy.

The other legumes also have protein, and protein isn't too hard to get on a vegetarian diet.

For a good summary of protein on a vegetarian diet, you can read my latest blog! It also has links to expert sources and a well known funny video at the bottom. Or...don't bother...because as long as you aren't living on fruit and are getting enough total calories and are eating at least some of any legumes you are going to get enough protein! That's really all you need to know.
Look for veggie burgers and meat like products made with seitan, not soy. It's made from wheat gluten. Also, your dietary issues may have more to do with getting more fiber now you're eating more plants. Meat, eggs and dairy don't have fiber, so there's quite a bit of "adjusting" to do when you decide to go v*gan.
I find, after two years of eating a wide vegan variety, that my particular digestive system doesn't healthily or smoothly process those types of products. I add them in occasionally when cooking for my mom or others who don't practice a similar lifestyle, but after rapidly gaining weight from eating more of those same foods over the winter, no thanks, I'll pass from now on.

Those products have been incredibly helpful in repeatedly reminding me that highly processed pre-packaged food isn't a good thing for my innards, no matter the ingredient list or how much I wish to practice the eternally preached "moderation" methods. My biology seems to function better overall when I choose mainly whole/plant based/mucus lean foods in place of what used to be favorite animal products, like sweet potato/chick pea "burgers" or walnut taco "meat", cashew or chick pea "cheeses",etc.

My body also responds in very uncomfortable ways towards gluten, so I must also be careful to avoid seitan or anything containing it. Gluten was actually my gateway discovery into how incredibly powerful food is in effecting my overall well-being. Many learning opportunities await, some comfortable, others, not so much. Each individual's mileage will vary around every turn. Buckle up, read up, be kind to self in the process, and thanks for choosing to lessen the harm towards other living things by giving up meat. Bravo!!!!!!!!
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This new poster, jennie 17, has posted 20 identical/near identical posts today trying to get members to click on various links. I've reported this to the mods and I suggest that nobody clicks on any links. Looks VERY suspicious to me.

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