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Soy Milk Freezing On Me

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Hi Everyone,
I recently started having a problem with soy milk. I buy the Silk Organic Unsweetened milk (the one in the green carton) and I use it in my breakfast and coffee. But the last carton I bought is having a problem. It's fresh (the due date is the end of October) but I put it in the door of my fridge and I found a few days ago when I took it out to use it that the consistency was more like buttermilk than milk. As I said, the milk was fine flavorwise and I used it in my coffee without any problem. But today, I took it out to make breakfast and the consistency was more like yogurt. I seriously couldn't use it. I tried to set it out on the counter for a little bit to see if that would "unfreeze" it but it didn't help.

I've bought a lot of soy milk cartons and put them in this fridge in the same place and have never had an issue. So I don't think it's my fridge. I haven't recently changed the temperature and nothing else in the fridge is losing consistency.

Maybe it's something in this batch of soy milk that just went wrong with the consistency?

I don't want to use other plant milks, as I like the soy milk and it also gives a nice boost of protein.

Any idea what could be going on? Should I just toss the carton and buy a new one and see if the same thing happens? Anyone ever experience this?

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I just had a carton of soy milk freeze from being in a spot in the back of the fridge that freezes things. When it was moved to the front of the shelf the next day it thawed and was normal.
What you describe really does sound like spoiled milk, being like buttermilk or yogurt! But you would definitely know spoiled soy milk so.... I don't know! I have had soy milk go bad and when a little spoiled is like when you add vinegar and it kinda separates, more spoiled and it's just like a thick yogurt--blurg-
I've had ice crystals in mine before- both my home made and cartoned, but it didn't thicken, and when left out returned to a normal milky state.
I think you mean that it is thicker than normal, not that it is actually frozen?

It sounds like the soymilk is spoiling. Despite the expiration date, they only last about 7-10 days after opening -- are you keeping it longer than this? Also, check your fridge temperature to make sure it is in the safe zone. Barring those issues, I would take it back to the store where you bought it. Maybe it was improperly stored at some point.

Definitely toss it - even though it doesn't taste bad, it is likely that bacteria caused the change in consistency, which means other bacteria that can cause illness might be growing in it as well.
Spoiled soy milk is thick and somewhat smelly. My guess is that the temperature on the door is too warm, and it's spoiling. When the door gets opened, it is the first place to heat up. I know you said this is the first time it has happened - maybe the door was accidentally open for a long period of time? Or maybe you took longer than usually to load groceries in? That, along with the fact that it's the summer and it's warmer in your house could be the problem - I'm grasping at straws here. I would try getting a new one (with a different expiration date just in case it was a bad batch), and putting it in a different place.
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