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Soy "femininity" problems.

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Hey all,

I was wondering if perhaps anyone could shed some light on the subject of exposure to soy causing one ot become more feminine. Being as I have heard this quite often and I consume soy fairly often, but not over kill, I was wondering of the potential harms of this. I consume soymilk only a couple times a week with my cereal, and then once in a while when I eat something such as edamame. Thus, I was wondering if I should discontinue the use of soy and switch to perhaps rice products (despite their less delicious taste =P )

Thanks a bunch!
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hi hi

i haven't really decided about the whole soy danger thing yet so while i don't cut it out of my diet, i don't go overboard these days and have soy products at every meal every day.

it doesn't sound like you're consuming too much soy at all. i consume more than that and i consider my own amount to be less than 'moderate' ?

i know many men who eat a LOT of soy and definetely aren't feminine . i'd say you're ok.

only thing ive found is it makes apart. which is a-ok by me

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Thanks a bunch, Tauraus ^.^ Sounds good to me, bring on the soyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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it really depends upon your sensitivity.

a small amount (like you consume) really isn't a worry for your average woman, with a strong, healthy, and normal fertility cycle. and, it may even be ok for women with modest thyroid function issues.

for women, such as myself, who are more 'borderline' and run either slightly or actually hypo or hyper thyroidal, then it might be better to go very, very low soy (i'm once a month, at most) or soy free for fertility health reasons.

but, soy can also help with fertility too, depending upon the circumstance.

i think that these very, very old threads are more relevant: The "Soy is the Devil's Work" Debate.

The debate is numerous pages long, but the most relevant is this thread posted by me in response to the direct question about lstudies regarding soy dangers. This link includes a quoted bibliography from an article by the weston a price foundation in regards to soy dangers, as well as a link to a list of articles available on the WAP web site.

through the first link, by the time you get to page 3 or so, you'll find a lot of links from various posters about this issue that are more "pro" soy than "con." so, it should at least be a place to start.

using FAM, you can determine whether or not your thyroid functions well, and observe the effect of soy on your cycle over time. for example, charting 5 or 6 cycles with soy--assuming you don't take chemical/hormonal birth control--and then charting the same number of cycles without soy to see if there is a difference.
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Um... I thought the OP was MALE? I could be wrong.
oh, sorry if that is the case! my bad!

i mostly skimmed and got confused about cycles. I think i was reading two pages at once--one not being veggieboards!

there is a feminization principle--most men aren't sensitive to it. and certainly not at those levels.

there is some info on the linked stuff that i posted about infant formula and male children (which doesn't directly apply, but may have some bearing).

and, worst case scenario--if you think it's a problem, then cut it out and see.

and charting a male cycle is pretty wild and takes 3 months--so i wouldn't worry about that too much!
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[Arnold Schwarzenegger]Children, stop eating soy and eat more beef! You don't vant to grow up to be a girly man like the Chinese![/Arnold Schwarzenegger]
XDD Washoe

I'm still a tomboy even with all of the soymilk I drink
So I guess it just depends.

Girly men are cool anyway. They rock.
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Yup, I'm a guy. Just wondering because I have heard some things about eating soy can cause men to develope feminent features. But, I guess I have nothing to worry about. Thanks a bunch!!
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Actually there might be a grain of truth to this. Some men consume soy products and take soy estrogen supplements in the belief that it will help slow down the progression of male pattern baldness. Its a topic of frequent discussion on alt.baldspot, the Usenet forum dedicated to the treatment of hair loss. However, as far as I know there is no real clinical evidence to back this up.
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