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Jenna recently started a thread asking about veg-places in Charleston, and got no responses.

There are not that many of us here in general, so there's not much of a market for veggie-specialty places.

The purpose of this thread is for all of us to mention our favorite places to eat/shop in our South Carolina cities...and describe our experiences there.

Hopefully, this will be a good reference for those of us who may need to travel or visit within the state.

(...and also keep bumping up this forum to attract the attention of others in SC)


I'll start off by mentioning Rosewood Market in Columbia, SC.

It's not a vegan or vegetarian place. Rather, they cater to a wide variety of specialty needs:

Kosher meats

"Free range" eggs

Raw milk

Raw Foodists (they have imported raw almonds in the back)

Organic foods


Foods for those with food allergies

Fresh Local produce (sometimes way cheaper than you'd find in grocery stores! And, it's a higher quality!)

They have great bulk bins with nuts, seeds, beans, nutritional yeast, candies, grains, flours, etc...

And, a surprising variety of vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletry items.

Vegetarian/Vegan supplements are also there!

They have a cafeteria-style deli, where you can grab a hot meal that's usually vegan. (They DO have a meat option, too...usually seafood)

Edited to add: This could easily be a veg*n place, but there's not enough veg*n customers for that. So, they HAVE to cater to everyone. Otherwise, they'd go out of business. So, I'm glad they're here, even though I still have to look at animal bits sometimes.

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Anyone been to Lamb's Bread Cafe in Columbia, SC?

It's on North Main Street, not too far from Elmwood.

The atmosphere is...strange...
They can't seem to decide which theme to go with.
They do have some art for sale.
The cooking there varies, but there are several dishes I've had that are Jamaican.

They have FANTASTIC fake meats!!!

I highly recommend the mock chicken sandwich, the tempeh reuben, or whatever for of fake meaty goodness they have that day!

Side note:
If you're wondering why its called Lambs Bread...
Lamb's Bread is a specific kind of marijuana.

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I love Everyday Organic in Greenville, SC. They are not all veg*n but they do have lots of great veg*n options. I love their soup of the day (which is usually country vegetable) and the fact that all of their stuff is organic. However, they do tend to take a bit longer to make the food there (though not for the soup), and the prices are a bit higher, but the food's so good it doesn't really matter. I would definately recommend it. It is really close to Cherrydale Cinemas (2 places to the right).

Here is their website:
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