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I finally got around to trying this restaurant the other night. I was completely impressed. The place was packed and the portions were huge. Through efficient service, it didn't take forever to get served.

I got the sesame tofu with rice. I asked if my sesame tofu was true vegetarian - like no fish sauce or whatnot. The waitress assured me it was 100% vegetarian. It was a sweet and slightly sour brown sauce over fried tofu with some broccoli mixed in to break up the monotony. Served with white rice. It was incredible. The tofu was perfectly fried crispy and the sauce was flavorful without being overbearing. They seem to only have about 7 vegetarian dishes (most likely they are all vegan). The fortune cookie at the end of the meal contains egg, so it isn't vegan.

Reading the online menu, it says they have a stir fry bar, which I didn't notice while I was there. I was seated facing an outside window, though.

The Tega Cay in the website name may make you think it's further north that it really is. It's on Celanese in front of the Harris Teeter.
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