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Soul Crushing! Viral Video Shows Activist Singing Lullaby to Pig on Way to Slaughter

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A crushing viral video posted by Boxtel Pig Save shows a compassionate animal rights activist singing a lullaby to a pig on a transport truck en route to a slaughterhouse.

In the video you can see the activist gently stroking the exhausted and scared animal while she sings.

The heart-wrenching video garnered comments from those who watched. One person wrote, "Crying here-just like a baby." Another commenter said, "This darling knows and responds to touch and love-and to think this baby will just be tortured and all for someone to have bacon-so so terribly sad."

See the heartbreaking video yourself.
Watch here:

Everyone who eats meat needs to watch this. :crying:
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Description is enough 4 me - I wouldn't watch but then Im already vegan. How everyone in the affluent West with at least average intelligence doesn't just spontaneously at least refuse to eat another morsel of meat EVER is beyond me. Id understand if it was just scumbags and criminals who discreetly gorge on animal flesh. No, it's normal, everyday people:(
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