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Hi Everybody!!!!!

So, lots of huge hugs to all of those who remember me from here and a big friendly wave to those I don't know.

I have really missed so many of you lovely individuals and honestly over the past year or so my life has been ridiculously busy!

I have a great job that I absolutely love and I just got a promotion and a transfer so I am moving to North Carolina in a few weeks. I bought a nice car that will actually get me around and I met a truly incredible man as well. I've started rowing competitively as well and I've actually competed in a couple of regattas. Super hard but unbelievably rewarding.

Aside from that, I've gone through some crazy family stuff. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer and came up to live here while going through her treatments. My sister has also been pretty sick and she's still in the hospital.

And there's the story! So, I will probably pop in and lurk every now and then and maybe even post once in a while.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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