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Okay dokie, so about 9-10 months ago I started to get grossed out about eating meats from chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, etc.. I was at the grocery store and I looked at the meat section and I could literally vizualize each animal as if it was alive and breathing. It freaked me out... so i off and on ate meat, but then about 2 months ago I had some meat in front of me and this fowl stench came about, and i got really grossed out. So as of 5 weeks ago I stopped eating certain meats. And a few days ago i stopped eating fish b/c i was bsing myself trying to say fish isnt meat, but it clearly is.

So today I was eating some egg whites. I dont like the yolk because it could have been a chicken? But thats what i am asking now.

Eggs - I know the egg white is a good source of protein, and i read somewhere that they protect the shell. But my question is, does the chicken inside the egg use that protein to develop? Im confused as how a chicken comes about. I know the chicken produces and egg and then a new chicken is hatched, but how do we eat eggs in the first place? What caused it to go from a chicken hatching to something we buy in the grocery store. What stopped the growth?

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