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First off, you are amzingly sweet to not only be trying to change your diet for this girl you like, but you're doing reasearch on your own about it too. It really shows you want to make her happy. I do agree with those who said make sure it's a change you're willing to make for yourself and not JUST her, ya know? You don't want any resentment building up down the line!

First off, let us tell you right away that there is nothing you can get from meat that you can't from a veg*n diet. Even b12! (marmite, nooch, fortified foods/beverages...). As for protein...that's been baffling me about everyone ever since I discovered the 80/10/10 theory. Also, have you looked into Dr Campbell's reasearch? Protein is neither more nor less important than fat is in your diet. And's in EVERYthing you eat. Sure, maybe not "whole" proteins like is found in meat, but all essential amino acids are found in plants. It's even better for your body to consume seprate amino acids than whole ones. Your body doesn't use whole proteins in the same state they come in. It actually needs to break it down and reconstruct it to make new chains of amino acids that have different functions in the body. So by consuming amino acids seperately is making it easier on your body to make and use proteins!
But your protein powerhouses, if you must worry about it, would be in whole grains and legumes. Avocados are pretty good too.

I strongly believe your muscle mass won't be affected by your diet. Only if you change your exercise routine would it change. And since your day to day work requires physical exertion, I don't how you would have any problem!

And don't underestimate the power of google! Tons and tons of veg*n recipes!

Best of luck and yay for her! She's lucky to have a sweetie like you!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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