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I've been a vegetarian for the past two years, and lately I've been seriously thinking about going vegan. The thing is, I can't cook, and I usually fend for myself food-wise. I tend to end up heating things up in the microwave or eating frozen food. The grocery store I go to has severely limited options vegan-wise, also. The rest of my family doesn't really ignore my choices, but I don't think my dad will be willing to start going to a different grocery store and helping me stay vegan. And there are almost no good vegan choices at my school. I haven't seen many quick-prepare things are vegan, and those that are are pretty expensive, another thing my dad would be pretty pissed about. I really do want to be a vegan, but I'm not sure how to go about changing things so drastically. Any advice? (I'm a bit new here, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong board or doing something wrong.)
I have been vegan for almost three months and I found these websites helpful!

The first site tells you commercial foods that are found at the grocery stores that are vegan, and the other site is a place to buy vegan cheese that is out of this world! It melts and tastes like the real thing! Those sites made my transition into veganism much easier and more convenient! Hope that helps!
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