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Originally Posted by TamSmith View Post

You can still return it...

I've worked at a grocery store and people return everything after it's open or mostly eaten. Just tell them that you don't like it and want a different kind.
really? wow i wouldnt have the cheek to do that. id only return food if it was mouldy or something.

anyway personally id probably try to finish the bowl I had, fail miserably as i felt bad, and then let the rest sit in the cupboard til it went stale whilst i thought what to do with it.
could you feed it to birds (warning: i am not bird knowledgable, someone let me know if this is dodgy). orrr make rice crispy style cakes and give them away? im sure people will eat half eaten cereal if its in cake form!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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