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so far, feeling better about my body, but. . .

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Love handles?

They arent bad right now but i'd like to tighten them up a lot more.

any exercises that could help get rid of that?

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My boyfriend had a bit of a love handle problem. He just excercised a lot and they eventually went away. He didn't do any area specific exercises.
but I'm a chick.

you know. . . HIPS.

:/ they're like, my only problem. the love handles. . .
I think what you need is some intense cardio or circuit training. Spot reducing never works. Even if you wanted to increase the size of your arms, theres more to it than just curling a weight. So my suggestion is to do some intense cardio like HOC, or run sprints. That'll flush the weight off of your body.
Sounds good.

We're starting to do some advanced cardio in school.

I'll give it a shot, thanks!
also you can incorporate more core training into your routine. i've finally managed to lose most of the extra fat around my midsection but doing more core excercises combined with a full body workout and tons of cardio.

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It's hard as you get older...I swear it's like my body just wants them! I'll lose weight everywhere but there. The exercises that I have the best luck with are side crunches and anything else that involves extending my arms up.
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