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I'm really in love with this, it's really quick and I found it delicious both with plain jasmine rice and vegan "buttered" toast.

I start out with onions and/or garlic (use both or choose one) sautéed until translucent in canola or olive oil.

Add fresh chopped or canned stewed tomatoes, then top with mixed dried Italian herbs/spices to your taste preference. Turn down and little, cover and simmer a bit.

Then add fresh or frozen spinach and allow to wilt (I always used fresh) before stirring in canned or chopped fresh mushrooms (I used canned because fresh take the longer and might require extra oil). I allow this to all simmer together before adding extra or super firm tofu, cubed and plain.

I really like this dish because it is fresh, light and you can really taste the flavors of the food. Salt to taste, but I recommend keeping it light to moderate.

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