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oh my gosh.

click here and here .

Cats are officially beginning to rule the world. This is scary. Any other signs of the end of the earth as we know it?

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That was just backing up the database but once I was done I upgraded the photo album. I'm not really sure what differences there are though.
I'll see if I can find a list.

Mostly admin related things that I have no clue about.

- Stylesheet GUI editor (no more manual editing of the default.css

stylesheet file)

- Photo Sorting interface to allow Admins to determine the order which

'sticky' photos appear

- Abilty to edit config-inc.php from Admin Panel

- Short URLs for photos ( i.e. )

- Admin statistics page (including size of data directory, users, albums,

who's online, admin log, etc)

- Who's Online

- AdminLog now keeps track of admin/moderator actions

- Tell-A-Friend link

- InvisionBoard integration

- Database prefixes (new installs only)

- New UPGRADE script to help navigate the upgrade process

- UNZIP functionality built into code (no external application needed)

- Added Rebuild Thumbnail to Edit Photo to rebuild individual thumbnails

- Multi-file user uploads via the web browser upload form

- Option to allow unregistered users to send eCards is back.

- Purge Photos feature allows Admin to remove files that exceed a specified


- Admin password can be changed using INSTALL.PHP file (if lost or


- Cookie Removal page lets users delete all cookies for the site only to

help with login problems. New "Login Problems?" link on login screen.

- A more eye pleasing default.css stylesheet file included

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I love cats, and i wouldn't mind them ruling the world. I'm sure that Jasper would still be my friend if he ruled the world.
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