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Sick, neglected cats

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Where I am moving to (in about 2 days) there are at least 6 neglected, sick cats. They "belong" to the neighbors(my SO's aunt, and the person who is in control of our water and electric) but are never fed or taken to the vet. There are two kittens that I've seen so far, and one is missing an eye, and the socket is infected. One of the rules of moving in (his g-ma owns the whole property, his aunt's and ours) was that there was no cat killing (she was worried our dog would kill them). This bothers me to no end. If I can't get them put to sleep, should I just feed them? I can't afford to take them all to the vet. His aunt lets her three kids keep bringing more home, too. I would like to explain the situation to them, but they are ages 12,11, and 6. I don't know what to do. They are never fed, so I have been leaving some cheap cat food on my porch.

I'm also concerned that some of these cats will sneak into the house and make my healthy cat sick.
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Could you talk to the 'owners' about them? Maybe they'd be willing to pay for the vet if you did all the work. There's a chance that you delicately bringing the problem to their attention would get them doing something about it - most people don't want to be seen to be neglecting animals, the fact that you've noticed it might motivate them.
That makes me pretty angry, I mean it must be obvious to this woman that the cats are in a crappy condition.

That sounds like a good plan. I'd seriously consider just taking them to a shelter without her knowledge and not saying anything when she notices they're gone. I can't stand people who neglect their animals.
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