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Shelters Overwhelmed by Animals Left Behind by Soldiers

Animal shelters around Fort Campbell are being swamped with animals left behind by soldiers deploying to the Persian Gulf.

Dogs of every breed, shape and size are being abandoned in the Clarksville, Tennessee - Hopkinsville, Kentucky area.

Some of the soldiers are taking their pets to the shelter, but Montgomery County animal control director David Selby also says he's taking in dozens of stray animals every day.

At the shelter, they can only keep the animals a week before they're euthanized.

Selby says he wishes the soldiers would take advantage of the foster program -- instead of just abandoning their pets.

I understand the priority is for their family, but dont forget about the companion animals. A majority of them have raised them from puppies. So many of them bring them in and are crying as they go out the door because theyre just heartbroken that they have to give up their animals, said Selby.

If you want to know how you can help foster a soldier's pet while they're away, click on Sites in the News .
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