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14 Posts first post on this board and I finally feel like I can help! When I got my long hair cut very very short this past spring, I ended up with major dandruff problems (shock to the system I guess). I tried everything until I came upon the solution which worked and continues to work for me. First of all, I switched shampoos...Nature's Gate is vegan and gentle enough. I filled my shampoo bottle one quarter with white vinegar (apple cider vinegar works well too), the balance with the shampoo. But....before I shampooed my head, I also gave myself a treatment much the same way you would give yourself a hot oil treatment. Using one cup vinegar, literally soak your dry hair with it, wrap it in a towel for about 30-46 minutes then shampoo your hair as normal. I used the vinegar treatment approximately three times (every second day) before the flakies literally disappeared. And I've been using my vinegar/shampoo potion ever since without any signs of dandruff whatsoever. When you first use the vinegar treatment, you will probably feel a tingling, but not to worry, it won't harm you and the smell of the vinegar does disappear once you wash your hair. You should also follow up with a conditioner (again, I use Natures Gate conditioner) because vinegar does have a tencency to dry out the hair...but..for me it has worked like a dream.

Hope this helps...

cheers Molly W
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