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The following message was received by me:

***Action Alert: HLS Suppliers***

The following is taken from the SHAC website at, though we have added in a few extra details. Remember, these companies are not expecting to be targeted, and have not got the money to spend on expensive email filters. So, your messages are going to have twice the impact. Flex those muscles and show them our true power.

Congratulations to all who have been faxing Asahi Glass we hear back that some fax machines have been taken off-line and they are blocking everything from the free fax service at; but its not enough to hide from us. Keep the pressure on, and keep contacting them week in, week out until they anounce they are dropping HLS.

4-3-2-1 IT'S A KNOCKOUT!

As we saw with CPS Fuels, knocking out key suppliers from HLS can cost them a lot of money and definitely adds to the pressure they are under. The Japanese customers are still by far the most important part of the campaign and will remain so. The supplier part of the campaign is an add-on just like Deloitte & Touche was so please don't take time off from the Japanese campaign as we are really starting to make progress. Just spend extra time on the suppliers.

The SHAC sleuths have been hard at work again, and we have tracked down 4 key suppliers for you to put pressure on to sever their links with HLS. The suppliers we have confirmed 100% as supplying HLS are two waste companies, Enviro-Waste and Pearsons, their new lab equipment supplier LIG Supplies and Sunlight, the laundry company who wash all the lab clothes soaked in the blood of innocent animals. Remember we have already knocked out White Rose and Hales waste disposal this year as well and R&L Slaughter who supplied HLS with torture instruments, so they will find it even harder to replace these three. Sunlight are a nationwide company who will come to learn that if you collaborate with animal killers you must account to the public for your evil work. Please contact all these companies and demonstrate against them there is no excuse for dealing with HLS. Fight for the animals you are all the hope they have.


Local activists had a tip-off from a disgruntled worker about this company, but when we contacted them they lied and totally denied their involvement with HLS. Like all the companies that deal with HLS, LIG are a bit stupid if they think they can fool us and one of their workers later confirmed HLSs account and told us they had an outstanding invoice number 311238 for June for £977.60p! Bang to rights as the saying goes! This company sells all the instruments of torture used to cut up and mutilate thousands of animals inside HLS every day - contact them and tell them about the horrific abuse they are party to.

LIG Supplies,

Westry Avenue, March Trading Park, March, Cambs. PE15 0BN


This nationwide laundry company are in it up to their necks with HLS. We spoke to Ian Flack from Sunlight who negotiated the contract with HLS. He told us in a matter of fact way that they have a problem getting the blood off the lab clothes from HLS, and also the monkey hair where workers have been holding the primates. HLS are just another job to heartless, money-grabbing people like this contact them and show them what caring is all about. What a sick company washing the blood off the murderers clothes.

Contact Sunlight and advise them that dealing with HLS is bad for business.


Enviro-Waste were fooled into admitting on tape that they remove biological sludge from HLS which is then put on public land. These people will stoop to any level to make money and they dont care where it comes from. Show them that if you deal with HLS you deal with decent compassionate people nationwide prepared to fight for the animals. Contact them and voice your disgust.

ENVIRO - WASTE are owned by another waste company called CarCarc and they can be contacted at their head office Head Office:

Carcarc Group

Fourwinds, Moulsham Hall Lane, Great Leighs, Essex, CM3 1PZ


Pearsons are another company local to Occold and they remove all the paper waste. They supply an important service to HLS who are fast running out of local firms prepared to deal with them. Contact Peasonrs, tell them what sort of animal-abusing company they are dealing with and ask them to dump HLS.

This action alert was brought to you by the Close HLS Campaign (CHC); CHC is an internet based campaign for encouraging peaceful protest against all vivisection. Feedback and tips are always welcome.

For general informtion on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, please visit the websites and; alternatively contact Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630 or by email at [email protected]. Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal acts of any kind in what ever country you are reading it in.

Please feel free to forward on this action alert.

Mod Note: All references to non-public names, e-mails, and phone numbers were removed. The VB policy is that non-public information being provided as part of a campaign is not appropriate.
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