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Serving non-vegans at work

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We've been thinking a lot recently about being required to do tasks at work which conflict with our ethical stance on veganism (getting tea with milk for a co-worker, selling non-vegan products). What are your thoughts on having ethical integrity, while at the same time keeping a job that isn't ethically ideal? Let us know your thoughts, do you have a job which compromises your ethical standards?

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My problem is I'm the assistant to the President of the company and every Friday I'm in charge of getting meals brought in and delivered to the officers of the company. So I'm touching a lot of meat products, ribs are the worse. I get paid very well so I can't really take a stand on this but by same token I feel it does compromise my ethics. They all know I'm vegan, I've been very vocal about it but...
I have no problem getting tea with milk for a coworker, etc.

First, for me, there is more to being a good person than vegan ethics. There is also being kind, considerate, and cooperative with my fellow humans in a pluralistic, multicultural society.

Second, I think it would be counterproductive for AR to be so rigid about my own ethical purity that I couldn't pour the milk in someone's tea.
More on being effective here: The 12 habits of highly effective vegans.
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