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Sensitivity to meat smells...

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After about 3 years of being vegetarian, this has really started to affect me.

Whenever I smell meat (cooking in the oven, at a restaurant, etc.) I get nauseous. I'm highly sensitive to those smells now. The only smell I can still tolerate (and get tempted by) is the smell of a BBQ.

Does anyone else experience this?
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I get this way (after being Vegan for 6 months) with chicken and beef. It's wierd becasue I hated pork all my life, but it still just smells like "ew pork" and not totally gone bad like cow and chicken does to me.

Mayonnaise, sour cream and cheeses ESPECIALLY smell disgusting to me to the point that I can't be around them, especially melted cheese. ...ew. I have to make sandwiches as a small part of my work (blah retail) and I always ask- every day- if the chicken salad is bad, or the cheese is bad, because it smells so sour to me. Gr.
Try this - go to any supermarket - take a stroll through the meat and deli and seafood sections -especially where the raw meats and seafood are laid out on display on the ice...

Now I've been out west where you can smell the slaughter houses miles away and man does that hit was some years as a vegetarian and then some more as a strict vegetarian before walking into the supermarket yards and yards away from the meat section and going sniff sniff gag - what the hell died...and then realizing - yup I had been putting THAT in my body for years...

Its like any other bad addiction - you don't smell it until it clears your system...

I'm definitely very sensitive to the smell of any meat cooking, it smells terrible!
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I find I've become quite sensitive to meat and fishy smells as well and I've only been vegetarian (90% vegan) for about 7 months. I work in a seafood restaurant and sometimes the calamari/squid can smell very strong and I feel pretty sick. I also found in my first few months of vegetarianism I could still cook meat/chicken for other people and it wouldn't bother me too much but the thought of doing that now is really off putting. I don't want to touch raw meat/chicken/fish anymore - even watching my dad cut up raw chicken freaks me out now.
I'm the same, I used to love the smell of smoked fish but now I can't be in the house when its been cooked because it makes me sick.

I think the bbq smell is the smell of the bbq itself not the meat because I find the veggie sausages I put on taste and smell nicer than when they're cooked in an oven.
When my husband HAS to have chicken or fish (I absolutely refuse to let him bring meat into the house), he has to cook it on the outdoor barbeque. I can't stand the smell of it in the house. Funny, it never used to bother me.
Me too. I can't stand the smell of meat, and I've only been veggie for 5 months. I absolutely cannot drink milk anymore, it always smells rancid, when my family doesn't have a problem with it. I still eat cheese, but I plan on cutting that off in the near future, as it's getting rather intolerable as well.
I'm not too sensitive. I've never liked the smell of meat, especially when dad made burgers. The smell has always gotten to me.
The smell of meat doesn't bother me at all. Most of the time, it smells like whatever it's seasoned with or cooking in anyway.
I'm starting to dislike a lot the meat odor...

I also hate the odor of cured cheeses.
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