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I make a chicken-style seitan roll for slicing through the week in samiches...

DRY (in order)
16 oz canned/cooked white beans (mashed so there are no whole beans left)
2 cups of vital wheat gluten flour (like Bobs Red Mill, though its cheaper wholesale)
1 cup of breakfast oats (like Mornflake Superfast)
1 TBS garlic powder
1 TSP cumin powder
1 TSP dried marjoram
1 TSP paprika powder
2 TSP table salt

2 cups of cold water (500ml or 16 fluid oz)
2 TBS canola/rapeseed oil
1 TSP french mustard (such as dijon)

Mix dry well, use your hands to break any cumps of beans.
Add wet and mix well.
Kneed for 2 minutes to form gluten strings.

Wrap dough like a tootsie roll in a extra wide peice of foil.

Cook for 60 minutes at 200C or 390F in the centre of a pre-heated oven, turning over roll after 30 minutes.
Leave wrapped. Allow to cool. Refridgerate over night.
Open foil. Slice into samiches.
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