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Legal action is underway following an undercover investigation by The Humane Society of the United States that has alleged inhumane treatment at a pig breeding facility linked to the nation's largest grocer, Walmart.
On January 31, HSUS filed complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission against Seaboard Foods' parent company, Seaboard Corporation. The action stemmed from a 2011 HSUS probe conducted at two pig breeding facilities in Goodwell, Okla.: Prestage Farms and Seaboard Foods, a Walmart pork supplier.
A HSUS video shows pigs in cramped gestation crates with torn ears and noses, and other wounds and abscesses.
Seaboard Foods produces an estimated 4 million hogs each year, making them one of the largest U.S. producers. The Oklahoma facility operates at double-shift capacity, processing about 18,500 hogs per day.

Seaboard Corporation Pig Treatment Challenged By Humane Society Investigation
Very sad. What's even more sad is that "Seaboard Foods projects itself as an organization that uses humane practices. The company's 2008 "Sustainability And Stewardship Report" states: 'We are committed to proper animal care and have a moral and ethical obligation to the humane treatment of animals ... Our barns are designed to give pigs adequate room to eat, drink, rest, sleep and move without injury.'"
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