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Hi everyone!
It's been like a week that I have gone vegan (even though I have been vegetarian for 2 years) so I decided to try something new to eat. I was very hungry so I took everything I saw and began to cook. I improvised and the result was incredible. The food was very, very delicious. So I thought it would be nice to post the recipe here.
Here it goes:

\t½ grated carrot
\t½ diced zucchini
\t1 cup of soybean sprouts
\tCanola or sunflower seed oil
\t1 package of extra firm tofu cut in pieces
\tOnion (as much as you wish)
\t1 grated clove of garlic
\tSoy sauce
\tRice (1 cup of rice = 2 ¼ cups of water)
\t7-10 Diced Mushrooms (medium)
\t½ cup of frozen corn

1.\tPour water in a bowl and place it on the heater until it boils.

2.\tAdd the rice. Remove when it boils and take out the water.

3.\tIn another pan, pour oil and cook the mushrooms. Add salt. When the mushrooms are ready, place them on a plate.

4.\tPour more oil in the pan and cook the grated carrot with the onions. Add a little bit of salt. When its cooked, place it in a separated plate.

5.\tNow place the soybean sprouts, the diced zucchini in the cooking pan. After some time add soy sauce and stir. When it is cooked, place the food in a separate plate.

6.\tNow place the tofu and wait till it cooks. Add soy sauce and stir.

7.\tStart adding the other cooked ingredients one by one while mixing and adding more soy sauce. Add frozen corn and mix. Add the rice and mix.

8.\tServe while its still hot.

The result is not very good looking (it looks like paella) but it is very yummy!
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