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I make luch for my neice and nepthew (who are 6 and 7). They only eat meat at their house or when eating out so I make their meals at least vegetarian but sometimes vegan. I always include a fruit, at least one veggie, a grain and a protein. They are very picky so I am always coming up with new ideas. Here are a few:

maccoroni and cheese (or vegan cheese) layered with frozen veggies in a thermos

burritos with salsa

salad, veggie and fruit

bagel pizzas with veggies and vegan pepperoni

steamed pototas and broccoli with a vegan cheese sauce in a thermos

a pita pocket stuffed with veggies

quesadillas with salsa

chili in thermos

dahl in thermos

soup and stew in thermos

stir fry in thermos

spagetti and vegan meatballs in thermos


I have my special vegan mix which they love. I take several nuts, seeds, corn nuts and wasabi peas and mix them with wheat germ and nurional yeast flakes.
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