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Save Environment

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Hi, I am Theodore. One night I went to a food joint in Toronto after having my dinner, my eyes fell on 2 persons who work for the food joint and they were accumulating all the trash/food waste in behind the joint. I was curious to know what were they going to do with it so I went towards them and after speaking to them I got to know that they were going to burn those waste. The garbage pick up man didn't come today so they were going to burn it. There were plastics also in the waste and so I thought this will create a bad impact on the environment. The surrounding air will become poisonous. I spoke to the manager and explained this to him and also suggested him to call a bulk trash removal company to dump the waste. He agreed with me and called a garbage collection company.
This can happen anywhere. If you find such things happening in your surrounding that harms the nature, stop it. Save the environment. We all know that the global warming is increasing day by day and we need to stop such things to happen.
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Well good for you, I also try to live an environmentally good life.
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