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Please visit and sign to help stop the dog meat trade in the Philippines. Those who sign will be supporting a House Bill currently pending in Congress to impose stiffer penalties against the dog meat traders. It is urgent that we obtain, at a minimum, 50,000 signatures by June 30, 2007. Elections will be held in the Philippines in July 2007, and we want to place an international spotlight and global pressure on the country and its government.

The dog meat trade, once regarded as an infrequent religious practice, has become a commercialized industry that kills over 500,000 dogs a year! Although dog meat is not eaten by the majority of the Filipino citizens, it is considered a delicacy to certain areas of the country. The handling, treatment and act of violence to secure and sell dog meat is unimaginable and not for the faint of heart.

It is our hope that this community can rally together and sign the petition. We ask everyone to sign the petition, post in groups, e-mail friends and create the international public awareness needed to stop this practice. Thank you.

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