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Sandwich Ideas

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I looked through a couple old threads, but could still really use some inspiration. Besides the usuals:

- Hummus, tomato, salad

- Peanut butter and jam/apple/banana

- Yogurt cheese and cucumber or banana

- Soy sausage or deli slices, cucumber, tomato (are any of the store-bough sausages or slices good? I make my own sausages, but they take way too long to make regularly.)

- Spicy black bean dip, tomato, salad

... what other (vegan) sandwiches do you like? I'm more interested in things with some actual protein/substance like bean dips, etc than roasted veggies and those sorts of things... university student therefore I have no time for taking things like that, and they don't survive my lunchbag. I'm really tempted to load up on some deli slices and sausages (even though the Fuhrman crew will jump me, ohemgeeSODIUM) just because I need some variety. >.> Baked tofu, chickpea salad sandwiches, and other... weird vegan foods (yeah, yeah, I know I'm vegan too) don't really appeal to me.


BTW, how terrible-tasting and bad-for-you are the soy products? I'm ohsotempted.
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Definitely have. It's sort of... connected to some bad memories, and I don't think I'll ever enjoy it. I haven't tried tempeh- I've only seen it for sale once- but would try it if I came across it. Nope to the pate, unfortunately.

Thanks for the link!
^ Thanks, Becca! Those are some good ideas
When you take light sandwiches, what sort of things do you like to take as sides? (Usually I take a fruit/oat bar, fruit scone, slice of fruit loaf, veggies, or yogurt/yogurt drink, plus soymilk or a smoothie, a fruit, and some raw veggies... but I wouldn't mind expanding my repertoire, heh). Adding bean dips to veg sandwiches is a good idea.
And I totally forgot about wraps and English muffins etc... that opens up some new ideas!
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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