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I'm sure there is some logic behind posting this.





-Veggie since 6 - Always been very strong willed and a extreamly fussy eater.

...Which is just getting fussier and fussier.

Had a few experiences with dairy reacently.

i.e. Turned milk and raw, half rotten eggs with feather at work.

&&Snack-a-jacks. Mistakenly presumed they were safe. *gags*

So anyways. KInda totaly put me off dairy, hence why I joned this place in an attempt to learn how to totaly avoid it.

Im not even sure any of that really made sense. But heyleo all the same =)


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Welcome to VB!
I'm also 18 (check out the teen forum) and from the UK
- us UKers have our own thread for UK-related issues.

I'm sure you will get plenty of support for giving up dairy here. It can take some of us (I'm speaking from experience here ) a long time, but it is very worthwhile. You might want to start with Weaning off dairy...the SUPPORT thread!.

It wasn't clear from your post whether you wanted to give up eggs too, but we have a similar thread for eggs.

Good luck!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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