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Calling Butterball's Turkey Talk Line and listening to tips about how to boil, broil, roast, and toast the bodies of gentle, smart, and social birds sounds more like the plot of an upcoming horror film than cooking. So PETAnot willing to sit back and let this be the only option for callers this holiday seasonteamed up with musician and horror-movie legend Rob Zombie to record PETA's 2007 holiday hotline.
Zombie, who is best known for hugely popular horror masterpieces like The Devil's Rejects, stopped eating our feathered friends years ago. While Zombie doesn't have a problem with people getting hacked to bits on the big screen, when it comes to the way animals are treated in real life, it's a different story entirely.
When people call PETA's hotline, they will hear Zombie describe the real-life horrors of turkeys who are raised and killed for Butterball. "Turkeys often become painfully crippled because they are given drugs to make them grow so unnaturally large that their legs splinter," says Zombie. "In one Butterball slaughterhouse, PETA found a worker sexually assaulting birds and another stomping on birds' heads until their skulls exploded."
This year and every year, PETA's holiday hotline encourages people to make the holiday season about compassion by refusing to eat tortured birds. Our hotline encourages callers to visit for tips on preparing vegetarian meals that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Past hotline hosts include Joan Jett, John Popper, Moby, and Fiona Apple.
Hey look, PETA did something I like

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I made the mistake of trying to watch The Devil's Rejects with my parents. That might be the most uncomfortable I've ever been watching a film.

Very cool that a guy like Rob Zombie is supporting PETA. I can't think of too many people who would be more stereo-type breaking.
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