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Rhubarb season - Recipe Suggestions?

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So it is rhubarb season here (in the UK) and I have it growing in abundance.

Rhubarb is one of those awkward fruits/vegetables(?) that is far too tart to eat as it comes so I'm hoping to get some inspiration for ways to cook/bake it up into something nice.

I've made some rhubarb pie which is going down a treat :D but still have a load of rhubarb waiting to be picked..Any recipe ideas you could offer up would be great?!

PS: Seasonal eating is the best! Food tastes so much better when grown naturally and eaten this way. Plus less air miles/pesticides. Big reccommendation to grow your own if you can.


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Rhubarb sponges sound lovely, I've not made them into a cake before actually so may try that.

A compote or jam would be a good call, don't have to use it right away either which is a bonus..Although with jam I never get it to set right (Tried with gooseberries last year and was more like a soup than a jam ahhh!)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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