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Hey guys,

I was looking through the (brilliant) Reponses to "Stupid things Omnivores say" thread, and I decided to put some of it into a document. Well I didn't get a lot put in, but I did start it out. I created it in open office, and I will be releasing the document if anybody wants to add on to it, feel free!

The links for the Index don't work for the Google documents page so I uploaded it to another site for an easy download.


Google Docs:

4shared (download):

The Document (includes the image of the banner, the SVG for the banner, and the open office draw document)

4shared (download):
(It is zipped to reduce download time for those of us who have slow internet)

Thanks for looking at it. Probably could use a bit of improvement, but hopefully it will help some veggies smash some omni's in arguments

I also apologize for not being able to add some of the responses. I didn't dig too far into the thread before getting buried with responses.
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