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Ok. I've had this in my mind for a long, long time a just thought to ask it (as I was reminded of it from another thread).

What is the best way to remove the crap that is on produce from the grocery store? I purchased some green and red peppers the other day that had this wax on them. And then there's the pesticides. Double YUK!

Since I've been eating like a ton more fruits and vegetables during the last 6 months this has become a greater concern for me.

I have a small brush that I use and I basically just rinse while I scrub. I remember seeing produce wash introduced into the market back last summer but I've never tried it yet.

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You can use a spray bottle and fill it with apple cider vinegar. I use raw ACV (BRAGGS). Spray down whatever produce you're going to eat and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and rub veggies well under water.
I'm still alive so I guess it works for me.
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